Music Hall

1970 was a pretty good year for music. Here's a few encouraging words about the year we left high school and took our first step into Cosmo's factory.

As graduates of C.E. Byrd, we were saying goodbye to the old but it was a brand new me too. We were all going through them changes and couldn't just let it be. We were ready to say our farewells. Although we were alone together, we had a pocket full of miracles and we couldn't wait to strike a blow against the empire. But it was a question of balance, wasn't it?

And although raindrops fell on our heads, It was still a marvelous night for a moondance. We walked the line and the madcap laughed. Out on Zabriskie Point, we ate some humble pie, a burrito deluxe and burnt weeny sandwiches with the ladies of the canyon. 

Each of us tried a little kindness as we checked into the Morrison hotel. Sweet baby James - come into my garden, the cruel sister said, and free your mind.

Naturally, we might have had some stage fright and been a bit paranoid but we were ready for the changes as we hit the open road. We knew we needed to take it one day at a time.

There were moments we wished we could turn back the hands of time but we knew better times were coming and we made it happen. There was truly a spirit in the sky.

But with the passing of a few young friends, like candles in the rain, we were also learning that the world could be a bitches brew and all things must pass.

And despite it all…while there was a false start or two along the way, maybe a bridge over troubled waters…we were a struttin' funkadelic band of gypsies in the wake of poseidon at the edge of a desertshore.

So sit down old friend, take the last puff, try a little kindness and have some hot tuna and tea for the Tillerman. Sit back and take a sentimental journey with the music we shared in 1970…but always remember to play it loud!

Oh happy day!

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